Patient Resources has three volunteer opportunities:

  • Receptionist - This is the first face of the center as the patient comes in.  The receptionist greets the patients and gathers initial paperwork needed for her appointment.   This is a people person, with a helping heart.  Various office duties are performed during this time as well. Training is provided.
  • Help-Liners  - In this volunteer position the person helps to answer phones and schedule appointments during office hours.  A clear, friendly voice is important when taking appointments and transferring lines.  Training is provided.
  • Advocates  - The Advocate is a facilitator throughout the patient's appointment.  Specific training is provided in our patient process, as well as modules that review interpersonal skill development.  This person has a heart for all people.  The Advocate gathers information about the patient's situation, presents options for her pregnancy and offers referrals to gather help in the community.  She helps transition the patient to the medical staff and is involved in the follow-up process throughout the entire decision-making process and pregnancy.

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