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Why is there Value in Death and Not Life?

by Options for Women on August 11, 2015
We’ve seen the videos. We wish we could say we are shocked by them, but we aren’t. When an organization takes more than 300,000 innocent lives every year by calling it women’s reproductive health, fights any attempt to regulate clinics to ensure safety, and has been regularly caught in lies and controversy over the years, we’re not really surprised by anything they do.
What we are, however, is saddened. Saddened and, quite frankly, sickened at the nonchalance with which these Planned Parenthood executives discuss the body parts of innocent babies. It’s not enough that PP doctors takes these babies piece by piece from their mothers' wombs, and profit off of this destruction of life. They must profit again by selling off these parts to the highest bidder.
But here is something else we’ve taken away from these videos – a sense of hope. Why might that be? Because now the world has seen the reality of abortion. They’ve seen a tiny hand with five perfect little fingers. They’ve seen a brain that was suctioned out of its skull. They’ve seen that this life is valuable.
So now it is up to us. We cannot be silent anymore. We must boldly talk about what we’ve always known abortion to be – the destruction of a life. And we must loudly ask the question – if this life is so valuable in death, why do you believe it has no value while still safely in his mother’s womb?
We can stand up to Planned Parenthood by continuing to talk about abortion. By not shying away from these videos, even though they are brutal to watch. By continuing to ask the question, why is there value in death, but not in life?
But we can also stand up to Planned Parenthood by calling them out on the lies they continue to feed to the American public.
Remember the Susan G. Komen controversy from a few years ago? PP claimed they were doing mammograms to justify their partnership with Komen. They don’t, and never have. They do manual exams and give referrals. Komen backed down. We can’t.
It’s up to us to expose the lies PP tells America. Because right now, they have many Americans sold on the idea that if they go under, they’ll take women’s health care with them. We know better.
Let’s consider this – there are currently roughly only about 700 PP clinics in America right now. But there are more than 9,000 community health centers that provide the same services (minus abortion). PP serves around 2.7 million women. Community health centers serve more than 21 million.
Stand up to Planned Parenthood by being a voice of truth. Women don’t need Planned Parenthood and its pack of lies.