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December 18, 2017

Last week, our friend Rebecca Klein, who is the executive director of another pregnancy clinic in Lakeland, wrote a beautiful blog about how pregnancy clinics like hers and ours are actually pro-choice (read her blog here). Oh how right Rebecca is!

You may be facing an unplanned pregnancy, but you have options, and we believe every woman deserves to hear the full truth about each option facing her.

The world may tell you that abortion is your only option, but we believe that once armed with the truth on every option available, women will realize that they’ve been sold a lie.

Our name is Options for Women, and we believe that to truly empower women, they must have the truth of every option presented clearly to them. Some in the pro-abortion camp may try to say that our name is misleading because we don’t perform abortions here. But we think our name perfectly encapsulates what we do. We don’t mislead women - when a potential patient calls to make an appointment, we clearly state that we neither perform nor refer for abortions, but that at our clinic, a woman can get all the information she needs to make an informed choice.

We believe education, paired with love, can help women transform their fear about an unplanned pregnancy into hope for the future. We often find that when women who are abortion minded come to our clinic, they are thinking of having an abortion only because they feel it is their only option. What a lie that is!

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, a woman will have a host of choices to make. And those can be scary and confusing to navigate. In a world where abortion is not only available but glamorized, many women often just assume that is the path they should choose.

And we think that’s because all of the options are rarely presented to women in these situations. Abortion is presented as an easy solution, but after working with post-abortive women, we can tell you it is anything but.

If we want women to truly be empowered, shouldn’t we present all of their options to them? Shouldn’t we talk openly about adoption and share resources on adoption? Shouldn’t we show women all of the resources available to help her if she chooses life? Shouldn’t we have referrals ready for OB-GYNs who work with the un and under-insured, as well as resources for everything a woman will need throughout her pregnancy and beyond?

But shouldn’t we also talk about the reality of abortion? Shouldn’t we discuss the procedures available, along with possible side-effects and risks so that women can make their decisions with complete understanding of what they are choosing?

Real choice involves allowing all of the options to be presented to our patients, and then allowing them to choose. And that is exactly what we do at Options for Women each day. We hope that every woman who walks in our door will choose life for her unborn child, but we know that isn’t always the case. But, we will continue to provide our services, and the truth about all of the options available during an unplanned pregnancy, in the hopes that more women will become empowered by the truth.

All of the services we provide our patients are free of charge. We believe women who are already in a difficult situation shouldn’t also have to be burdened by cost. We are a non-profit clinic, and operate on the generosity of our donors. We don’t profit off of any decision a patient makes. And that means we aren’t clouded by profit margins and bottom-lines. We can present a patient’s options clearly, truthfully and objectively, because no matter what choice a woman makes, we aren’t benefiting monetarily.

At Options for Women, we believe women deserve options, and they deserve truth. Women are strong, capable, and smart. And at pregnancy resource clinics like ours, we believe women can make their own choices.