Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to providing women with all the information they need so they can make an informed choice.  Our patients are counseled about the options of parenting and adoption.  They are also fully informed about abortion and its risks and side effects. Here is our team!


Name: Dr. Peter Alvarez
Position: Medical Director


Name: Executive Director
Position: Executive Director
work phone: 863-682-5763

Name: Jennifer Judge, RN, BSN    
Position: Nurse Manager

Name: Mary Drewry, RN, BSN, RDMS
Position: Certified Sonographer


Name: Kathleen Sabatino RN, BSN
Position: Certified Sonographer


Name: Anna Wehle, RT
Position: Certified Sonographer


Name: Michelle Ritchie, RN
Position: Certified Sonographer


Name: Viviana Molina, RN
Position: Certifited Sonographer


Name: Tami Eggleston
Position: Advocate
Email: te@optionsforwomenphc.com


Name: Debbie Phelan

Position: Advocate
Email: dap@optionsforwomenphc.com


Name: Jill Vecchio
Position: Bartow Advocate
Email: jv@optionsforwomenphc.com

Name: Michelle Robare
Position: Lakeland Advocate
Email:  mjr@optionsforwomenphc.com

Name: Emily Massarella
Position: Director of Operations

Name: Karla Rodriguez-Santa
Position: Bi-lingual Reception and Helpline
Email: ofw@optionsforwomenphc.com

Name: Andrea Rosario
Position: Sexual Integrity Presenter 
Email: ar@optionsforwomenphc.com

Board of Directors

Dan Santangelo, President
Al Marshall, Vice President
Don Schluender, Treasurer
Susan Hurlburt
Chris McGarvey
Angela Morris
Laura Tenpenny
Tim Blackburn


You are invited to contact us at 863-682-5763 for information on how  you can join the board and make a difference in the lives of women in our community!