Options for Women PHC transforms fear into confidence!

What happens at Options for Women PHC?
Discover how Options for Women PHC serves women facing unplanned pregnancies, and hear firsthand from patients how OFW has helped them.

Now serving patients in 4 locations!

Our MISSION is to erase the need for abortion through effectively serving pregnant at-risk women, by transforming their fear into confidence. In 2018, we served a total of 482 patients, 369 of whom had positive pregnancy tests. 315 STD tests and we saved 304 lives!. We are pleased to report that of our patients who were at-risk for abortion, 90% chose life!!

Our patients are counseled about the options of parenting and adoption. They are also fully informed about abortion and its risks and side effects. We provide them with the all the information they need so they can choose life for their unborn babies.

*To refer someone you know that may need our services, please have them visit us at www.optionsforwomenphc.com or call 863-393-6988.*



Come by and visit us sometime
We would love to show you around, answer your questions and give you an inside look at our life-saving work. Tours are designed for you to see first hand how our services help women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies get all the information they need so they can make an informed choice, for life.  You will learn about the reality of abortion in our community and see how we offer hope to women who are at risk for abortion and empower them to choose life. Tours last for about an hour. If you are interested in a tour please complete this form and Marilyn will contact you.